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Deceptive patterns: how can we make choices fairer online?

In the latest episode of the ‘Top of the Agenda’ podcast, Dr. Helen Jenkins speaks with Marie Potel-Saville, founder and CEO of Amurabi and Fair Patterns, and Dr. Anastasia Shchepetova, a Senior Consultant in Oxera’s behavioral economics team. They delve into the ways we can test the impact of these deceptive patterns, reduce their use by companies, and create a more user-friendly digital space.

Tune in to this insightful discussion to learn more about the ongoing efforts to tackle deceptive online patterns and promote fairness in digital spaces.



We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Helen Jenkins and Dr. Anastasia Shchepetova for their valuable insights and contributions to this critical discussion. Their expertise is instrumental in driving the movement towards a more equitable online environment.

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