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The amurabi agency

We get up in the morning to bridge the gap between the law and its users, using design as a method of creating objects, content, services, processes, interfaces that solve problems - far beyond the aesthetic.

Since 2018, Amurabi has gone beyond the status quo by exploring new fields of design application in the world of law and creates contracts, compliance programs, privacy policies, internal legal platforms, environmental & social action plans, and litigation arguments that everyone wants to read.

Our experience, the quality of our deliverables, pioneering spirit, and highly multi-disciplinary approach to design, neuroscience, plain language, and law have enabled our agency to establish itself as a major player in Legal Design in Europe and beyond.

Our expertise has been rewarded by several innovation awards

The law is broken

Decades of jargon, 50-page fine print contracts, and "check-the-box" compliance programs have generated blind signatures, inefficiency, and constraints on business. Legal risks and frustration are higher and higher.

We fix it

We give the law its colors back. We make it accessible, actionable and engaging. We restore its function: a strategic tool to act, according to the given guidance and values.

users are
finally satisfied

We measure the value we create: effective implementation, better risk management, faster contract negotiations, reduced production time, higher customer engagement. At Amurabi, we define KPIs for all our projects. Our User Testing Lab allows us to precisely measure the increase in understanding, engagement, recall and, of course, user satisfaction.

The amurabi team

The legal industry wants to innovate but doesn't know where to start. Our approach: consider the needs of humans in their entirety, taking into account their cognitive limits.

marie potel-saville
founder & CEO - AMURABI

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