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The Legal Design methodology allows for the sustainable transformation of the practice of law, in a human-centric way. Solve users' problems, take into account the cognitive limits of humans, create value and achieve a systemic impact: to strengthen the rule of law and to ensure user sovereignty.

To accomplish this, our offers are wide and combine R&D, Legal Design deliverables, user testing and training. Are you new to Legal Design? Are you learning or mastering Legal Design? There is an offer for you!

Legal Design
and legal transformation

We reconcile law and its users by transforming legal documents, processes and services into tools for action and empowerment.

in Legal Design

We love law and we love to share. In addition to our research activities, we teach at Sciences Po Paris, Assas and Singapore Management University. But for us, the modernization of law is everyone's business: this is why we offer training courses adapted to your needs.

User testing

There can be no design without user research, particularly not without user testing! Our User Testing Lab created with Mathilde da Rocha, PhD in cognitive neurosciences, allows you to easily test your existing documents, processes or websites - as long as it is related to the law!

Fight against
Dark Patterns

Dark patterns, or deceptive patterns, are deceptive or manipulative interfaces that make you act without being aware of it, or even against your own interests. Our R&D Lab has taken up the problem and we have created a dedicated platform to identify dark patterns, remedy them with off-the-shelf or custom-made fair patterns, and train designers, developers, marketers, lawyers and all citizens to avoid them.

of R&D

To continue the work of our founder at the ENSCI "Shaping the law to restore its function?", we have created in 2021 our R&D lab thanks to funding from the BPI. A virtuous loop where R&D feeds all our projects, our projects apply and test our R&D hypotheses, and in turn feed our research.


The curse of time-consuming, tension-creating, and unenforced NDAs is over. Thanks to hundreds of hours of user research and numerous projects, we have created the first NDA that generates trust and puts everyone on the same page: operational staff and lawyers.