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We love research, always learning, and feeding our ideas and our projects. And of course we share our resources so everyone can grow in turn and take action!


Our mission is also to make Legal Design known. We are committed to sharing our know-how and have developed tools to help you better understand our vision of legal innovation through design! Find downloadable resources, interviews, and articles to better understand our practice and methodology.

I'm going deeper

If you're convinced by legal innovation by design, don't wait any longer to get started! We will share with you profiles and user paths to download and reuse freely. You can also read our articles on recent issues to better understand the impact and value of Legal Design.


Innovation by design means always exploring new territories. In addition to our courses at Sciences Po Paris, Assas and Singapore Management University, part of our work consists of contributing to academic research and articles in order to continue to invent new ways to make law more accessible and actionable.


Deepen your knowledge in Legal Design with our training courses adapted to your needs and your structure.