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Legal design
and transformation

The law is what makes it possible to live together and to form a society. Everyone must be able to understand it and use it, so that the law can really fulfill this democratic function.

We make the law accessible, actionable, and engaging.

We make complexity accessible by combining human-centricity, neuroscience, plain language, and design.

From contracts signed blindly

We no longer accept the unintelligibility of the law

To solution-oriented tools

We rely on a multidisciplinary approach focused on people

The user is at the heart of our approach

We approach all our projects with a user-centric method derived from Design, which we enrich with neuroscience to take into account human cognitive limits.

We design our digital products, services and legal documents with and for users.

Our multiple

Our multidisciplinary approach combines strong legal expertise (former lawyers and legal directors), neuroscience experts, plain language, and design. Our R&D Lab feeds our projects with solid scientific foundations, our projects allow us to test research hypotheses, and to feed our Lab again. Our offers are rich, methodologically sound, and varied.

Expert audit

We create deliverables that win numerous innovation awards and are recognized as new standards. We'll determine whether your documents are readable, usable, engaging, clear...

User research

Our User Testing lab has developed a solid methodology for user research: interviews, immersion, focus groups, user workshops, and, of course, assessing the current state of the art and benchmarks. Design is not a matter of chance and the user research phase is key to the success of our deliverables.

Plain language

Yes, the law can be clear to everyone. Saying exactly the same thing, without the jargon, while maintaining legal scope and precision. Plain language requires solid expertise and a lot of practice.

Legal data visualization

How to make complex legal or scientific concepts understandable to non-specialized judges, while maintaining the necessary seriousness and professionalism? This is part of our expertise, whether in competition law, personal data law, climate issues...

User testing

No design without user testing! This is an essential phase, which should never be underestimated: qualitative tests through workshops or interviews or quantitative tests online, which are often requested by regulators themselves, to ensure informed consent or a real understanding of users.


We love the law and we love to share. We are committed to equipping lawyers and designers with the skills needed to make the law accessible. We train the lawyers of tomorrow, today.

Project creation

Our portfolio is unique in Europe: more than 80 delivered projects carried out throughout the world, in an ever wider range areas - contract design, compliance, litigation, personal data, digital transformation, decision support tools... What will your project be?

Legal Design workshops

Many people talk about legal design, but it's better to actually do it! Our methodology is based on learning by doing, true to our training at the ENSCI. Come and create deliverables in our multidisciplinary workshops that your staff will want to read.

Argument design

Judges are subject to information overload, just like everyone. Some courts say they don't read more than 20 or 30 pages. We design litigation strategies based on neuroscience and create impactful visuals to help get the most complex messages across.

A method adapted
for each sector

Whether you are a magistrate, a lawyer, a public entity,
Legal Design allows you to innovate, to solve problems
of your users and to shine.

Our values


on people

Putting the user at the center of the innovation process to create services and products that solve human problems.



The future of the law is to allow each person to make informed and therefore free choices, encourage thought, and enable action.


New and original solutions

The neuro-ergonomics of law achieves the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy (2001).

They numbers and proven results


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An ever-widening range of projects

An ever-widening range of projects

Let's work together!

Need to make complex information accessible in a clear and engaging way?

The redesign of our partnership agreement allowed us to divide the negotiation time by 4

Florence PEYSSON - Director of Legal Digital, Data & IT