Amurabi, legal design agency

Amurabi Wins IAPP Privacy Innovation Awards 2022 for King's Privacy Policy Design

Imagine a world where engaging and compliant privacy policies were the norm. At the annual 2022 IAPP Privacy and Innovation Awards of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Amurabi won an award for its work with King in providing elevated privacy and data protection services of value in the EMEA/APAC region.

Amurabi's work for King, created whilst keeping in mind the company's 'Make the World Playful' philosophy, in close collaboration with King's Data Protection Officer and Senior Director of Legal, Willy Duhen, the agency designed a unique privacy policy document which discarded the conventional legalese-heavy document for a more engaging, user-friendly, accessible one which also meets compliance obligations. The gamified experience:
- Offers users information about their rights and obligations related to the game in plain language
- Allows users to participate through an experience during which they reach milestones and are presented with privacy knowledge in easily-digestible snippets
- Features the estimated time for completing each stage and allows users to jump to a specific stage if they wish to.

Commenting on the policy, Duhen states, 'What I like is this could be imbedded into our games, and no one would see the difference between gameplay and the legal document...Our goal was very much to merge the gaming and legal experience, so everything is unified and enjoyable for our players.'
Amurabi accomplished this through user testing involving a group of users who were required to create their ideal privacy notice and then implementing the analyzed findings in the finished work. CEO of the agency, Marie Potel-Saville comments that the plan was to emulate the experience users have whenever they play, and to ensure that whatever outcomes complies not only with the European data protection requirements, but also with regulations in other jurisdictions such as California, to deliver this important information in a concise and helpful way.