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Co-create with your customers to innovate and build lasting trust.

The issues

Working in the midst of complexity is your daily challenge. You are experts, leaders in your field, yet you must convey your advice to your clients in a clear and simple manner.

Our approach

We have been lawyers in the best business firms in Europe. We accompany law firms to make their expertise accessible, to create sustainable innovations and to allow better access to justice.

Focused on the human being

Putting the user at the center of the innovation process to create services and products that solve human problems.

Sovereignty users

The future of the law is to allow each person to make informed and therefore free choices, encourage thought, and enable action.

New and original solutions

The neuro-ergonomics of law achieves the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy (2001).

Our services for law firms

In practice, we design submissions to more than 20 courts in Europe, create engaging training on the most challenging topics, and design digital tools for litigation.

Litigation design

Thanks to our solid expertise in neuroscience and litigation, we help you refine your litigation strategy by taking into account cognitive biases related to the subject matter or the judges' profiles. We design your conclusions to lighten the cognitive load of judges and create visuals on the most complex technical or scientific concepts. We intervene mainly in class actions (privacy, climate justice) and follow-up actions after a regulatory sanction.

We design training courses for your customers on the most advanced topics

Integrating the consequences of Shrems II into everyday business life, even for Data Protection Officers, is not necessarily easy. Based on your documents, we create clear, engaging and pragmatic trainings that meet the needs of the users.

Train your legal teams, and get your design, digital, branding teams on board...

A duo of former lawyers and experienced designers will provide you with a solid methodology to deploy Legal Design in your daily life, from a simple email to a Board Memo, through litigation design.

Example of realization

Confidential client

Create a clear overview of complex legal processes and issues

In this litigation, our client wished to highlight the stages of the procedure and the timeframes of the litigation in its conclusions.

Using "plain language" means putting yourself in the reader's shoes, using simple words and limiting the use of jargon. It means avoiding Latin formulas or legal expressions that are poorly mastered but which one hopes will magically give an extra dimension to one's writing.

Christophe Asselineau, Partner
Norton Rose Fullbright