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Center for art law Anti-Money Laundering Guide for the art world


How to fight against money laundering through the global art market?


User research - Graphic design - Digital transformation - Prototype - User testing


Anti-money laundering guide for the art world




Dice asked us to turn their T&Cs into a selling point by providing a seamless experience for their growing fan base. The goal was to create a clear and understandable document for a user-friendly experience, creating a competitive advantage for Dice.


We assisted the Center of Art Law in the creation of a document adapted to these users. Based on our work for the Legal Lab at the Serpentine, we studied them: dealers, galleries, lawyers specialized in art law and collectors, in order to target as closely as possible the needs and difficulties of understanding of each. Time constraints did not allow us to transform the original language. As an exception to most of our deliverables, this guide is therefore not (yet) in plain language.

We then conducted a user workshop with a dozen legal directors from large French companies, members of the Circle's Factory, to retrace their own digital transformation project paths, identify the various points of frustration they face, and co-create possible solutions via an ideation session. A first prototype of the Guide was tested during another workshop with legal directors, then improved by iterations.


An engaging document that reflects the art sector, attractive but whose graphics are never gratuitous
Raising awareness thanks to information bubbles summarizing some of the key contents to facilitate reading, setting up breadcrumb trails to easily find one's way around, and a system of color variations according to the country.

Filled with practical advice and experience feedback, this guide allows you to understand a project in pilot mode, identify needs, assess existing solutions, anticipate budgetary constraints ... to successfully complete all digital transformation projects.

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