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Transforming the procurement process for a major beauty company Amurabi Legal design


How to streamline the process of negotiating, deciding and signing purchasing contracts while respecting the culture of a large beauty group?


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - Prototype - User testing


Transforming the procurement process of a major beauty company




Procurement processes can be a real headache, as they involve many stakeholders and need to keep pace with the business teams. Our client came to us to fully deconstruct and analyze the current procurement process, its gaps and strengths, and to create a new workflow that would align all teams involved. 


We held a digital workshop with over 20 stakeholders from 6 different teams: IT, Security, Finance, Marketing, Procurement, Marketing and of course Legal, all gathered around a virtual table to identify when each team should be involved and what their action points and information needs were. The new procurement workflow should enable business teams to quickly contract with external suppliers, while giving expert support teams enough information to provide support at the right time. By working through a digital co-creation mind map, the user workshop allowed all participants to establish a common language and have an aligned level of information. 


A 7-step workflow that clearly details the action points needed by marketing teams and the tools and experts they can rely on at each step. This overview allows each user to know where they are in the process, with the ability to go deeper if a particular question arises. Each expert then has a dedicated section where they share their practical advice and recommendations to facilitate the process, clearly outlining validation loops, the budget threshold for validation or IT recommendations for service providers. A co-created workflow, which should be easily adopted by all stakeholders.   

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