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How to create a decision support tool allowing each of Orange's 90,000 employees to make the best decisions for themselves on an employee share ownership offer?


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - Privacy by Design and Privacy Design - User testing


Flyer - Information web page




The Orange Group launched a new employee shareholding offer in September 2021, with the ambition of eventually reaching 10% of employee shareholders. The objective? To enable everyone to invest, regardless of their income, and to share in the company's future by strengthening the sense of belonging to a collective project.

The Shareholder Relations Department asked us to create various information tools to help employees understand the offer, the terms and conditions and the steps to take. So that everyone is equipped to make the best decision for their situation. Creating accessibility and empowering the 90,000 or so employees of the group in France with jargonous and technical legal and financial information? It's a challenge just the way we like it!


After an initial user research, we designed and facilitated a workshop with a representative selection of users, including some union representatives. And it went very well! This workshop allowed us to define the profiles and user paths of the beneficiaries of the offer and to identify their main expectations, but also and of course their points of frustration. After this workshop, we completely restructured the information to make it clear and accessible to everyone. Several iterations were necessary to find the right balance between clear language, the group's editorial charter and HR needs. In each discussion, we put the needs and priorities of the users back at the center. Once the text was finalized, we created a structured content to be clear, while conveying through the graphics the values of mutual trust and sharing specific to the offer. We tested this 1st prototype during a 2nd workshop: no more big numbers, no more key messages. Even less text.

Our work also focused on the UX audit of the website of the offer management provider, Amundi. We proposed many improvements in terms of guidance, error correction, accessibility. Some were implemented, others not. We also reworked the internal web page with the graphics and key elements of the flyer. These complementary deliverables allowed us to create information supports that fit into an engaging, clear and coherent path for employees.

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