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Internal guides on "international economic sanctions and export controls" legal design


How can we create real tools for compliance with international economic sanctions?


User research - Legal UX - Clear language - Graphic design - Prototype


Global International Sanctions Compliance Program




As part of the formalization of a group-wide compliance program, our client, a CAC40 company, entrusted us with 4 in-house guides to "regulations on international economic sanctions and export controls" to help all employees appropriate and apply these new rules in their day-to-day work.

Our aim was twofold: to provide the best possible response to the constraints and questions raised by users on a day-to-day basis, but also to provide support for the new internal ambassadors responsible for disseminating information.


Thanks to the creation of user profiles and user paths, we were able to place the main issues raised by these group rules in their working context. We were able to identify their points of friction and frustration, as well as their expectations in relation to the internal guides.

On this basis, we created a system design for the 4 internal guides: an information structure based on user needs, which can be easily adapted to related themes. This system design enables users to navigate easily between the 4 themes, and to find answers intuitively, whatever the document.

We analyzed the data collected to identify more precisely the problem we were able to address: "women do not feel sufficiently independent or equal to men, we will create an object that allows them to become fully aware and exercise their independence immediately.


4 interactive, clickable guides that immediately engage users, clearly visualize countries and practices at risk, and provide a view of rules based on the business journey.

The clear legal language, and the structuring into question headings, make it possible to respond to different situations. These guides have become veritable reference toolboxes, facilitating the transition to action and, therefore, the effective implementation of the program within the Group.

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