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Transform Danone's terms and conditions to generate a holistic user experience for their new online store


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Terms and Conditions of Sale




Danone, a publicly traded French company distributing dairy products and water, entrusted us with a strategic project: as part of the creation of their brand new online store, they wanted their terms and conditions to be an integral part of the user's experience on the site. Speaking directly to consumers for the first time was a challenge, and they wanted to ensure that all legal aspects of delivery, product quality and consumer requests were as transparent as buying a product online.


We started by assessing the needs of very specific users: bakers, baristas and small business owners who could buy products directly online. These users are extremely hardworking, dedicated to their passion and busy. One of the verbatims we heard at the user workshop was "it's never the right time". Our task was to turn the terms and conditions, which were a sore point, into a real resource center, answering all the questions they might have. That's why we decided to face their questions head on by presenting the T&Cs as an FAQ!


A very attractive page that takes advantage of all of Danone's visual assets to ensure that our users feel welcome and in the right place. Because we know you don't go to a T&C page if you're not looking for something specific, we structured the page by highlighting the most common topics users might have questions about, such as "Shipping" or "Payment Methods." We also leveraged Danone's core values and commitments in the text: beyond the clear language, we worked intensively on the copywriting to ensure that we reflected Danone's unique tone!

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