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How to make the T&Cs a selling point, while conveying difficult messages?


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - UI Designer


Terms and Conditions of Sale




Dice asked us to turn their T&Cs into a selling point by providing a seamless experience for their growing fan base. The goal was to create a clear and understandable document for a user-friendly experience, creating a competitive advantage for Dice.


Multidisciplinary design sprint! We facilitated several co-creation sessions to identify user profiles, their journey through the T&Cs, to restructure and reword the document entirely, using Dice's tone of voice. The user workshops allowed us to discover some key misunderstandings regarding cancellation and refunds on the platform. Resolving these pain points involved:

  • to be very direct with these constraints
  • to provide objective justifications
  • to put these "complicated messages" from the beginning: transparency generates trust!

We worked on the brand image, to match the new corporate strategy and adapt its tone to get closer to its fanbase.


We are still in the prototyping stage, we will test it with a representative group of users, including those who are most unhappy with the current conditions, measure the KPIs, and then finalize it soon.

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