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How can you transform an Authority Matrix to simplify approval processes, improve clarity and save valuable time?


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Interactive Authority Matrix Tool



Background and PROCESS

Expleo, a global company with diverse activities, was experiencing difficulties with its Authority Matrix, a complex table used to control document approvals and signatures. The large number of documents, approvers and signatories made the process difficult for employees. The aim was to bring clarity, simplicity and certainty by transforming the Authority Matrix into an interactive tool. This tool would enable employees to easily determine who can approve and sign their documents, and to understand all the necessary steps and requirements with just a few clicks.


The new interactive tool has considerably simplified the approval process for Expleo. Employees can now quickly identify the appropriate approvers and signatories for their documents, reducing confusion and saving valuable time. This transformation has also enabled Expleo to avoid costly errors, increasing efficiency and improving overall workflow. In addition, the tool's user-friendly design received positive feedback for its visual appeal and ease of use.

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