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Montesquieu Circle Innovation Guide to support legal divisions


An Innovation Guide to support legal departments in their digital transformation


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User Guide to Legal Innovation




In the course of our discussions with the Cercle Montesquieu Factory, we have identified a recurring question being asked by legal departments: how to carry out a successful digital transformation? This question is all the more tricky when the transformation project stems from an injunction to innovate, rather than from the identification of a real need.


Our digital transformation projects (notably within the legal departments of Orange and Renault) and the many exchanges within the Factory have enabled us to identify the major needs at the heart of transformation projects: legislative and regulatory inflation, new tools and digital business practices, negative perceptions of the DJ...

We then conducted a user workshop with a dozen legal directors from large French companies, members of the Circle's Factory, to retrace their own digital transformation project paths, identify the various points of frustration they face, and co-create possible solutions via an ideation session. A first prototype of the Guide was tested during another workshop with legal directors, then improved by iterations.


A guide to legal innovation in 7 key steps to help DJs succeed in their innovation projects. Capitalizing on all the raw material collected during our various projects and workshops, a common desire to go beyond the "image of innovation" and provide the tools to identify the real needs of both lawyers and operational staff.

Filled with practical advice and experience feedback, this guide allows you to understand a project in pilot mode, identify needs, assess existing solutions, anticipate budgetary constraints ... to successfully complete all digital transformation projects.

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