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Geodis redesigns complex bidding process


A powerful visualization of a complex process that reveals its value


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - UI Design - User testing


Redesign of a complex bidding process




Our customer Geodis contacted us to highlight the value of their Supply Chain Outsourcing process, and to help them better explain this complex process to their prospects.
They asked us to create a visual representation of the complete user journey, from the bidding process to the life of the contract, once signed.

Our aim was to emphasize the essential collaboration between the customer and Geodis, as the key to success in any supply chain outsourcing project.


Following the workshops and interviews with users, we worked in depth on the visual representation of the value generated by the collaboration between Geodis and their customers. We imagined a cosmology in which both parties exchange ideas and share values to bring a project to fruition. The gradation of colors symbolizes the value created, which exceeds the sum of the two worlds taken separately.

Drawing on user research and knowledge, we inserted several characters into the graphic design, emphasizing the importance of the prospect's or customer's active participation throughout the project. The spheres evolve through the various stages of transformation, as shown by their color.


A powerful visualization of the value created by the collaboration between Geodis and their prospects.
A 360° representation of the entire SCO journey highlighting the benefits of working with prospects through a 5-year process.

Our document reflects the core values of Geodis: cutting-edge innovation, high professionalism and empathy with the customer - revealing their strategic position throughout the SCO project.

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