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How to manage risks in employment law?


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - UI Design - Prototype - User testing


E-learning training in labor law




Our customer approached us to meet a strategic need: to ensure that large corporate customers understand the risks and possible solutions when it comes to freelancing, in order to accelerate its development in Europe.

How can we separate myth from reality and help customers better understand complex regulations?


This was a tricky subject to tackle in a workshop, as it raises issues of criminal sanctions, so we opted for a user-centric approach, interviewing legal directors and purchasing managers to identify their precise needs, constraints and expectations as they went through their user journey.

We then tested this first prototype in a second series of interviews with the same users. We also worked with external legal advisors from Malt, a well-known law firm specializing in employment law.


A clear and precise description illustrating the legal model dedicated to freelancers: a "sanity check" in 2 minutes to make them aware of the impact of their daily practices on legal qualifications.

Users discover that the "risk bar" moves according to their answers to very simple, everyday questions. After this first step, users are directed to "Do's and Don'ts" in the same ultra-practical, concrete style.

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