Amurabi, legal design agency


Design a Privacy Charter for all the emblematic Moët Hennessy brands worldwide


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - UI Design - User testing


Terms and Conditions of Sale




After the overhaul of Moët Hennessy's internal worldwide privacy policy, the group wanted to build on this new momentum by redesigning the group's Privacy Charter for its customers for all the different Houses.


As with all our projects, it all started with user research and benchmarking. We identified all the common UI and UX characteristics of the 26 websites of the different brands.

Then, to be sure to take into account both internal constraints and customer needs, we facilitated a 2-day design-sprint with a multidisciplinary team within Moët Hennessy: lawyers and designers of course, but also developers, CRM, marketing and IT teams!

The working group created user journeys and internal stakeholder and consumer profiles. We then used the online co-creation tool Mural to completely restructure the document according to mobile-first UX standards. At the end of the two-day sprint, we had a first prototype of the new structure, a few paragraphs written in clear legal language, and even a first look-and-feel!

  • to be very direct with these constraints
  • to provide objective justifications
  • to put these "complicated messages" from the beginning: transparency generates trust!

We worked on the brand image, to match the new corporate strategy and adapt its tone to get closer to its fanbase.


Following the 2-day sprint, it only took 3 one-hour work sessions with the group and the design work of the Amurabi team to finalize the new privacy policy! We created a version for Veuve Cliquot, the House of Moët Hennessy with one of the strongest brand identities, as well as an implementation guide for all other Houses, explaining how to adapt the text and design to their own graphic and editorial guidelines.

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