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My Money Bank Annual reports


Transforming an EPFD from a regulatory requirement into an accessible & attractive document for investors


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - Graphic design - User testing


Non-financial performance statement




My Money Bank, a private bank, came to us to transform its Extra-Financial Performance Statement. Although this document is mandatory under French law, our customer saw an opportunity to transform this constraint into a strategic tool for investors, talent and all users.

Leveraging our expertise in redesigning complex legal and financial documents, our goal was to change the approach of the Statement's readers by presenting the group's performance in a user-centric manner.


A completely redesigned 45-page Extra-Financial Performance Statement, made accessible and attractive to readers!
We created an overview dedicated to each category of reader we had identified during the workshop - to ensure that they would find the information most relevant to them right from the start.

We have also completely redesigned the Group's business model diagram to reflect a modern vision of banking services.


We are still in the prototyping stage, we will test it with a representative group of users, including those who are most unhappy with the current conditions, measure the KPIs, and then finalize it soon.

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