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How can we make it easier to understand the changes in employee savings?


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - Graphics - Video - User testing


Animated video and information flyers




Employee savings, that nebulous area where you end up "doing what you did last year", or "clicking like your colleagues". This is the feeling that most employees have, between jargon and ignorance of the basic mechanisms. This explains why it is globally under-used, despite the substantial advantages for employees. In this context, how do you make additional changes understood? This is the mission that Orange entrusted us with when the "PERCOL" came into force.

Thanks to the user-centricity, we aimed to make it a decision-making tool that could be easily operated according to the situation of each individual, but also to open up the employee's vision on the subject of savings.


We have of course capitalized on our previous projects with Orange in this area, without forgetting the indispensable user workshops: what are the associations of ideas around employee savings? What are the apprehensions, but also the expectations? 

Together we identified formats and media that would make it easier for everyone to understand: an animated video as well as information flyers, accompanied by concrete and quantified examples that defuse fears and reinforce support for these measures, while remaining objective.


A better understanding of the benefits of employee savings, taking into account the issues of each individual. In addition to clarifying the key points, this collaborative work has also helped strengthen employee confidence in the savings schemes. Each employee is equipped to make the best decisions according to their profile.

The booklet also explains the differences between the PEG and PERCO schemes, and focuses on the conditions for unlocking the scheme within a concrete timeframe to make it actionable.

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