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How can information on employee savings schemes be turned into a decision-making tool?


User research - Training workshops - Clear language - User testing - Graphic design - Motion design


Employee savings accounts brochure



Background and PROCESS

Employee savings schemes offer attractive investment opportunities, enable employees to anticipate the future and create a bond of trust between them and their company. However, many employees do not find their way around. Once again, Orange asked us to help them rethink their employee savings account, using a user-centered approach to make it a decision-making tool that can be easily adapted to each individual's situation (adding a calendar, a risk table, etc.):
  • will I have to pay taxes?
  • can i release the money? and how?


A new employee savings booklet with information presented in a clear, logical and straightforward way to empower every employee.
The booklet also presents the differences between the two plans PEG and PERCOL, and offers a focus on the conditions of a new money-market fund.

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