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Renault digital contract process to autonomized business team


How to generate commitment from operational staff during long contractual processes?


User research - Legal UX - Clear Language - UI Design - User testing


Rethinking a contractual process




Our customer, a leading international industrial player, asked us to solve the problems faced by sales teams when negotiating major contracts.

Sales staff were calling the Legal Department from their cars, minutes before the negotiations, asking "Which arguments sound legal?" - not knowing which clauses were to be negotiated and what the process was.


The development of user journeys to better understand the information gaps and blind spots in the contractual process.
During an immersive workshop with users, we designed several journeys reflecting their day-to-day business, to better understand their friction points and challenges.

We focused on their perception of the law, their current practices and the information they needed to be at ease in commercial negotiations.


We changed the original format, a static PDF, into an online document, viewable from anywhere on cell phones, Ipads for sales teams always on the road. The first cover page gives an overview of the contracting process, to give users a better understanding.

Each step is then clickable, to reveal in-depth information: the right legal reflex to have in a given situation, which clauses can be negotiated or not, how to draft the contract, who to contact...
All the necessary information in a short and interactive document, for a smooth user experience of the contractual processes.

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