Amurabi, legal design agency

Suntory talks about the redesign of its General Sales Conditions thanks to Amurabi's assistance

The T&Cs have been completely redesigned, with regard to the structure of the information and with a clear legal language and graphic design, notably based on neuroscience to maximize engagement, comprehension and memorization.

The redesign of the GTCs consists in transforming a legal document, perceived as a pure constraint and source of internal and external inefficiencies, into an action tool for operational staff, a vector of trust and calmer commercial relations. Customer feedback is unanimous and very positive: the document is pleasant to read, much clearer and more engaging. The project has enabled us to create GTCs that reflect the company's desire to innovate, convey its values and become a performance tool. Beyond that, it has allowed to integrate the legal design approach in the daily life of the legal departments, in order to position their missions differently, fully at the service of all their users.

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