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Make your legal department shine and become a driver of innovation.

The issues

In legal departments, we have to "do more with less", earn the right to be listened to by operational staff, while being subjected to the injunction to innovate. We have been in your shoes. The good news is that Legal Design is a powerful tool to reveal lawyers as facilitators and drivers of innovation. And to attract millennial talent.

Our values

We have been legal directors in Europe, legal ops within large groups and we know how frustrating the role of guardian of the temple can be, and often perceived as a blocking factor and a pure cost center. However, this is not inevitable: focusing on the needs and expectations of users, neuroscience and plain language can solve their friction points and change the way operational staff look at legal experts. Legal innovation through design allows to better manage legal risks and to create tangible and measurable value.

Focused on the human being

Putting the user at the center of the innovation process to create services and products that solve human problems.

Sovereignty users

The future of the law is to allow each person to make informed and therefore free choices, encourage thought, and enable action.

New and original solutions

The neuro-ergonomics of law achieves the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy (2001).

Our services
for legal departments

Legal Design is a powerful tool to reveal lawyers as facilitators and drivers of innovation. To find satisfaction in one's daily life as a lawyer, and to attract talents in search of meaning.

Design sprint: Create deliverables that your operational staff will want to read

Our deliverables have been recognized by numerous innovation awards. Each project with us is an opportunity to learn the method, to transform documents, processes or legal services into tools for action and empowerment of operational staff.

Litigation design: get the most complex messages across to the judiciary

Using neuroscience and solid litigation expertise, we help you refine your litigation strategy based on cognitive biases related to the subject matter or judge profiles. We then develop tools and visuals to convey the most complex messages, and design conclusions to lighten the cognitive load of magistrates.

Train your legal teams, and get your design, digital, branding teams on board...

A duo of experienced lawyers and designers will share their know-how with you, for an application in your daily life: state of mind, legal foundations of Legal Design, method and user tests. Learn how to transform all your deliverables to solve your users' problems, and at the same time shine with your internal customers.

Example of realization


How to lead the digital transformation within a large Legal Department?

Orange had launched an ambitious project to transform its legal department, developing a dozen new online services and tools for its 700 in-house lawyers around the world. In addition to "doing more with less", the aim was also to make work more enjoyable and comfortable for all lawyers, and of course to better serve in-house customers.

Our president was so excited about the King Privacy Saga that it posted it on his socials

Willy Duhen - Senior Director, Legal - International