Amurabi, legal design agency

CSR departments, shareholder relations departments, investment funds, etc.

Our expertise in human-centeredness allows us to make accessible and engaging extra-financial performance statements, employee savings plans, annual reports, reference documents, etc.

The issues

Carbon neutrality, scopes 1, 2 or 3, extra-financial performance, compliance with the Millennium Development Goals or PERCOL savings accounts... these are all complex and even obscure concepts that demotivate users and activate the automatic response of the brain "I don't read" (the "System 1" according to Kahneman), and cognitive biases that prevent us from taking action, such as the optimism or pseudo-inefficiency bias. However, these are fundamental subjects and issues, which it is important for everyone to grasp, in order to make informed decisions and take action. This is what user-centricity is all about, at the heart of our achievements.

Our approach

We design extra-financial performance statements, employee savings books, single reference documents, and annual reports that make people want to read, stimulate reflection, and give everyone tools for action.

Focused on the human being

Putting the user at the center of the innovation process to create services and products that solve human problems.

Sovereignty users

The future of the law is to allow each person to make informed and therefore free choices, encourage thought, and enable action.

New and original solutions

The neuro-ergonomics of law achieves the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy (2001).

Our services

In practice, we transform disengaging regulatory obligations into decision support tools that everyone wants to read and that empower users to make informed choices.

Design of annual reports and single reference documents

Regulatory information is a fantastic opportunity to (re)create engagement and trust with users, whether they are investors, employees, analysts, regulators... We use all our know-how in cognitive science, plain language and design to create materials that everyone wants to read, and that create value.

Design of information materials on employee savings and shareholding

Our user-centeredness and our expertise in accessibility of complex information allow us to create booklets, videos, flyers or even sites dedicated to employee savings, which create an immediate measurable commitment and shift to action: our decision support tools have, for example, allowed us to multiply by 7 the amount of payments on a new retirement savings scheme for Orange. We also conduct ergonomic audits of employee savings sites.

Design of CSR

Carbon neutrality, net zero, scopes 1, 2 or 3... so many complex concepts that it is essential to make accessible to all, so that everyone takes responsibility and takes action. As always, we apply a user-centric approach, for example by interviewing CSR rating agencies to better understand their expectations, needs and processes, or by testing our prototypes with associations involved in impact finance. Our deliverables are scientifically accurate while being accessible to the greatest number of people.

Example of realization


How can we make the subject of employee savings simpler and more engaging to enable employees to make the best choice for their savings?

"What does employee savings mean to me?", "How can I save when I don't like to take risks?" Or when the end of the month is difficult? These are the questions that many employees ask themselves when they have to make their employee savings choices. Orange therefore asked us to produce a short video and an information tool to solve the difficulties employees have and to enable them to choose the best option for their individual situation.

Thank you all very much, it's a great result, it's great. I am sure that it will be very useful to the employees who save in the group. Finally, we explain in a simple and clear way, thinking first of the beneficiaries.

Thierry Perrouault - Director of Shareholder Relations